1– Where does the name OBELUS come from?

This is the other name for the "divide ÷" sign in mathematics.

This sign was introduced by Swiss mathematician Johann Heinrich Rahn in 1659.

And Switzerland and division are just one step away from watchmaking. Time is a succession of divisions: the year is divided into months, weeks and days, and the days into hours, minutes and seconds.

In English-speaking countries, the colon ":" is used to express a ratio. The obelus "÷" is the symbol used for division, as is the slash "/".

2 – Where are the watches assembled?

The first RETRO CHRONOSCOPE 42 mm collection was assembled in Hong Kong. Subsequent collections and models are assembled in France, in our Versailles workshop. Our ambition is that future collections will be "Made in France".

3 – Where do the movements used in OBELUS watches come from?

For our models with the chronograph function we use hybrid movements, namely the Meca-Quartz VK64 chronograph movement with two horizontal counters with or without the date, and the VK63 chronograph with two vertical counters with date.

For our mechanical self-winding models, we mainly use the NH35 for models with date, the NH38 for models without date and the NH34 for GMT models with date.

For quartz watches, we also use a hybrid Mecha-Quartz movement, the VH31, which does not have a date.

4 – What is the difference between a self-winding mechanical movement and a quartz movement?

A watch with a mechanical movement, or mechanical watch, is a watch whose energy is supplied by a spring wound in a barrel. The spring, known as winding, can be tensioned manually or automatically by the movements of the wearer.

The Meca-quartz movement is a system combining automatic mechanics and quartz electronics (a so-called "hybrid" system). Its rotor turns just as easily as the automatic watch, thanks to the natural movements of the wrist.

The electronic quartz movement works mainly with the help of a battery, which is its energy centre. The movement is driven by an electrical frequency, which is transformed into mechanical movement, creating the force of the gear train and driving the movement of the hands.

5 – What types of materials are used in OBELUS watches?

OBELUS watches are made from 316 L stainless steel (also used in surgery).

For gold, rose gold and black cases, we use PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), a metallisation process that uses steam to deposit thin layers of material on a coating in a vacuum. It often replaces plating.

6 – Are all OBELUS watches water-resistant?

All our watches are water-resistant, the measurement is indicated in bars and metres on the back of the watch (example: 50 metres - 5 ATM).

A watch that is water-resistant to 50 metres will allow you to immerse in water, but only for calm use such as bathing in a bathtub or swimming pool (without swimming or diving). On the other hand, a direct jet from a shower or tap on the glass or push buttons may be equivalent to a pressure of 50 metres, and your watch could get wet.

A watch that is water-resistant to 100 metres will allow you to come into contact with water when immersed and in conditions of use such as surfing or swimming.

A watch that is water-resistant to 200m or 20ATM, i.e. 20 times atmospheric pressure, is suitable for diving. It can be used for sport swimming and amateur diving in shallow waters. With this water resistance, you can easily keep your timepiece on your wrist during your daily dives or leisure activities.

A watch that's waterproof to 300m or 30ATM, 30 times normal atmospheric pressure. Everything is now possible, from scuba diving and deep-sea diving to sports swimming and scuba diving. Your timepiece can be subjected to high pressure and used for professional purposes.

7 – How to set the time on your OBELUS watch ?

Simply pull or unscrew (depending on the model) the crown of your watch and you will feel two notches.

The first allows you to set the date, and the second the time.

8 – Is my watch guaranteed ?

All OBELUS watches are guaranteed for 2 years.

Your model will always be sold to you with the guarantee card completed in your name. It is essential that you keep this card and bring it with you or take a photo of it when you return your watch for repair.