OBELUS pays tribute to the golden age of the chronograph.

The Retro Chronoscope collection offers a modern interpretation with a retro aesthetic.

It features larger cases: 39 and 42 mm, compared with 36/38 mm in the 50s and 60s, to meet modern tastes; while retaining the sober, flat silhouette of the classic vintage watch, true to the original spirit.

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Today, OBELUS has taken the liberty of "reinterpreting" a watchmaking classic from the 60s and 70s: the "military-type watch".

We are offering you two different versions: the OP.001 3-hand model, with its mechanical self-winding movement, and its companion model, the OC.001 Chronograph with its mecha-quartz movement.

All in a super limited edition.

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Our ambition is to bring simplicity to the classic dive watch, and we're delighted to launch our new dive watch.

We've developed a top-of-the-range watch using the finest materials to create a durable automatic watch that you can wear wherever you go - at sea, in the office, while playing sport and much more.

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A long time ago, it was a small box with a dial and a mechanical movement inside. It was worn to tell the time.

A timepiece, therefore, to watch it go by. Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on a computer, a mobile phone, or even look at the door of a microwave oven, to find out what time it is... The competition is enormous. The time is everywhere.

And the fine inventors of all these highly technological and modern devices had predicted the death of the watch.


We are honoured to share our passion by amplifying the heritage of the "tool watch", while paying tribute to the timeless designs of the past. 


Every month our shop receives new products.
Some of them are only on sale for a limited time. 


Buying unique pieces is buying a piece of the artist: his passion put into the execution of the object, his hours of reflection, his dexterity...
It is a committed, ethical act that encourages a responsible and direct economy.